• Signing Git Commits

    by Kyle Rankin Protect your code commits from malicious changes by GPG-signing them. Often when people talk about GPG, they focus on encryption—GPG’s ability toprotect a file or message so that only someone who has the appropriateprivate key can read it. Yet, one of the most important functions GPG offersis...

  • What The @#$%&! (Heck) is this

    by Mitch Frazier   You’ve seen it a million times—the hash-bang (#!) line at the top of a script—whether it be Bash, Python, Perl or some other scripting language. And, I’m sure you know what its purpose is: it specifies the script interpreter that’s used to execute the script. But, do...

  • Bash Heredoc

    Here document (Heredoc) is a type of redirection that allows you to pass multiple lines of input to a command. Article Source.