• How to create a custom Ubuntu ISO with Cubic

    If you're looking to build a custom Linux disk image that's based on Ubuntu, Cubic makes it easy. Here's what you need to know. Read More here.

  • There’s A Computer In This Hard Drive

    Throughout the history of personal computers, there are some unique form factors. The 3com Audrey was sold as a computing appliance, meant to sit on a kitchen counter, to display recipes or something. For some reason, Macs were cubes once, and it actually wasn’t a bad machine. At one point,...

  • Generate Random Text based on Length

    $ genRandomText() { local n=$1; while [ $((n--)) -gt 0 ]; do printf "x$(printf %x $((RANDOM % 26 + 65)))" ; done ; echo ; }</p> View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by ginochen Diff your entire server config at ScriptRock.com </div> Read...