• How to import your existing SSH keys into your GPG key

    In the first article in this series, I explained how to use your GPG key to authenticate your SSH connections. If you’re like me, you already have one or more existing SSH keys. And, if you’re like me, you also don’t want to have to log into every server you...

  • How to identify duplicate files on Linux

    Some files on a Linux system can appear in more than one location. Follow these instructions to find and identify these “identical twins,” and learn why hard links can be so advantageous. Article Source.

  • Clean BASH command history from duplicates, but preserve the chronological command order

    $ cp -a ~/.bash_history ~/.bash_history.bak;history|sort -k2 -k 1,1nr|uniq -f2|sort -n|tr -s ' '|cut -d' ' -f3- >~/.bash_history View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by knoppix5 Diff your entire server config at ScriptRock.com Article Source.