• Wordpress to Jekyll Migration Success!!

    Hello Markdown World!! Good bye Wordpress (and good riddens), hello Jekyll!! I’ve finally jumped off the Wordpress bandwagon, leaving all it’s complexities and constant vulrnabilities behind in favor of Jekyll. This has allowed me to publish my website іn a static manner without constantly updating my site to combat the...

  • Maximize your Ansible skills with these 7 how-tos

    Ansible is a powerful, agentless (but easy-to-use and lightweight) automation tool that’s been steadily gaining popularity since its introduction in 2012. This popularity is due in part to its simplicity.  Ansible’s most basic dependencies, Python and SSH, are available by default almost everywhere, making it easy to use Ansible for...

  • Make Linux Boot Faster by Disabling Unnecessary Services

    Your Linux system may be bloated with lots of services that run in the background. Here’s how to make Linux boot faster by disabling unnecessary services. Article Source here.