• Guide To Finding a Home-Based Linux Job

    With the technology advancements that keep on evolving, locating a home-based Linux job is a lot of Linux engineers dream. Therefore, since it is of great interest to find this work arrangement for many engineers, how does one find such a position? The goal of this article is to hit...

  • This electric skateboard will change your commute forever

    The second-generation Boosted Board is an electric longboard with two motors attached to a belt-drive system. It can go 22 mph and is easy to use. Read more... More about 2017, Review, Reviews, Electric Longboard, and Longboard </div> Read More here.

  • Make Linux Look Like OSX With OSX Arc Collection

    Arc-OSX-Icons has been released its a icon theme to integrate seamlessly with the OSX-Arc theme collection it comes in two variants for the light & dark variants of the OSX-Arc theme collection, see my Github page for more details. Read More here.