• 9 Cheat Sheets for Linux and Open Source

    There are a ton of tasks you do every single day. Make it a little easier on yourself by downloading our cheat sheets. Article Source here.

  • Linux Fu - The Kitchen Sync

    One of the great things about Linux and similar operating systems is they are configurable. If you don’t like something, there’s a great chance you can change it easily with a few entries in a file somewhere. For example, take bash — a very popular shell by any measure. If...

  • Non-Child Process Exit Notification Support

    by Zack Brown Daniel Colascione submitted some code to support processes knowing whenothers have terminated. Normally a process can tell when its own childprocesses have ended, but not unrelated processes, or at least nottrivially. Daniel’s patch created a new file in the /proc directory entryfor each process—a file called “exithand”...