• What The @#$%&! (Heck) is this

    by Mitch Frazier   You’ve seen it a million times—the hash-bang (#!) line at the top of a script—whether it be Bash, Python, Perl or some other scripting language. And, I’m sure you know what its purpose is: it specifies the script interpreter that’s used to execute the script. But, do...

  • Bash Heredoc

    Here document (Heredoc) is a type of redirection that allows you to pass multiple lines of input to a command. Article Source.

  • Using the force at the Linux command line

    Sometime in recent history, sci-fi nerds began an annual celebration of everything Star Wars on May the 4th, a pun on the Jedi blessing, “May the Force be with you.” Although most Linux users are probably not Jedi, they still have ways to use the force. Of course, the movie...