• What Is Credential Stuffing?

    What happens to all those emails and passwords that get leaked? They’re frequently used to try to break into users’ other accounts across the internet. Article Source.

  • How to Password Protect and Encrypt a File on Linux Command Line

    In this Linux quick tip we will discuss password protecting a file using GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG). This tool provides digital encryption and signing services using the OpenPGP standard. We will cover the basics of the gpg command in respects to encryption and decryption files using a passphrase, how to...

  • What's the right amount of swap space for a modern Linux system?

    Swap space is one of those things that everyone seems to have an idea about, and I am no exception. All my sysadmin friends have their opinions, and most distributions make recommendations too.Many years ago, the rule of thumb for the amount of swap space that should be allocated was...