• Locking Down Your Linux Server

    Yes! You’ve just set up your first Linux server and you’re ready to rock and roll! Right? Uh, no.By default, your Linux box is not secure against attackers. Oh sure, it’s more secure than Windows XP, but that’s not saying much. Read More here.

  • Unsafe at any clock speed: Linux kernel security needs a rethink

    The Linux kernel today faces an unprecedented safety crisis. Much like when Ralph Nader famously told the American public that their cars were "unsafe at any speed" back in 1965, numerous security developers told the 2016 Linux Security Summit in Toronto that the operating system needs a total rethink to...

  • Raspberry Pi Scanner Server

    It's come time that we (my fiancé and I) required the use of a color printer. My B/W Laser wasn't going to cut it this year for her class room printings. So we went out an picked up an Epson WP-3620 on sale at BestBuy. It's an All-In-One like most...