• Andromium’s $99 Superbook turns your Android phone into a laptop (crowdfunding)

    Smartphones have changed the way the world gets online, by letting you put a tiny, touchscreen computer in your pocket or handbag. But sometimes it’s still nice to have a larger screen, a full-sized keyboard, and a mouse or touchpad. The Superbook is a smartphone accessory that gives you all...

  • Triple Monitor Gaming with Nvidia Graphics on Linux

    I've been gaming exclusivity on Arch Linux for some time now, but one thing that I have been longing for is Triple Monitor Gaming that our M$ Windows counterparts have been enjoying for some time now. I have an Nvidia GTX 760 in my rig (yes I know out dated...

  • Best Universal Package Manager for Linux?

    Suddenly, Linux needs a universal package manager for installing software. At least, that's what Canonical Software claimed when it introduced its new Snappy packages. However, if the need is there, which package manager should be adapted? Read More here.