• Secret Messages Could be Hiding in Your Server Logs

    [Ryan Flowers] writes in with a clever little hack that can allow you to hide data where nobody is going to go looking for it. By exploiting the fact that a web server will generally log all HTTP requests whether or not it’s valid, he shows how you can covertly...

  • Oops! Debugging Kernel Panics

    by Petros Koutoupis A look into what causes kernel panics and some utilities to help gainmore information. Working in a Linux environment, how often have you seen a kernel panic?When it happens, your system is left in a crippled state untilyou reboot it completely. And, even after you get your...

  • generate random mac-address using md5sum + sed

    $ date | md5sum | sed -r 's/(..){3}/1:/g;s/s+-$//' View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by acavagni Diff your entire server config at ScriptRock.com Article Source.