• One More Time With Feeling: 'Anonymized' User Data Not Really Anonymous

    As companies and governments increasingly hoover up our personal data, a common refrain to keep people from worrying is the claim that nothing can go wrong -- because the data itself is "anonymized" -- or stripped of personal detail. But time and time again, we've noted how this really is...

  • Keep your texts private in Trump's America (and everywhere else, too)

    So, here we are: With a new president come new concerns over surveillance powers that could so forcefully bite us in the ass. The public has good reason to believe that President Donald Trump would love to expand data-collection programs in his administration. He's said, repeatedly, that he'd like to...

  • Delete all but the last 1000 lines of file

    $ ex -c '1,$-1000d' -c 'wq' file</p> View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by wytten12 Diff your entire server config at ScriptRock.com </div> Read More here.