• How To Delete a Local and Remote Git Branch

    Branches are part of the everyday development process and one of the most powerful features in Git. Once a branch is merged, it serves no purpose except for historical research. It is common and recommended practice to delete the branch after a successful merge. Article Source.

  • Add keybindings for cycling through completions (or for inserting the last or first completion) in Bash

    $ bind '"er":menu-complete-backward';bind '"es":menu-complete' menu-complete-backwardwas added in Bash 4.1. This makes for exampleM-sinsert the path of the first file in the current directory after a space when the word to be completed is empty. View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by lri Diff...

  • Solving the Year 2038 problem in the Linux kernel

    Because of the way time is represented in Linux, a signed 32-bit number can’t support times beyond January 19, 2038 after 3:14:07 UTC. This Year 2038 (Y2038 or Y2K38) problem is about the time data type representation. The solution is to use 64-bit timestamps.read more Article Source.