• Using Trap to Exit Bash Scripts Cleanly

    In this tutorial we explain how to use the trap bash builtin to exit bash scripts cleanly. We explore examples of how to clean up temp files, ensure services stay running and close ports. Article Source.

  • From A Dead Laptop To A Portable KVM And PiTop

    An essential tool of many sysadmins is a portable terminal ready to plug into an ailing rack-mounted server to administer first aid. At their simplest, they are simply a monitor and keyboard on a trolley, but more often they will be a laptop pre-loaded with tools for the purpose. Sysadmins...

  • Programmatic way to find and set your timezone

    $ sudo timedatectl set-timezone $(curl worldtimeapi.org/api/ip/$(curl ifconfig.io/ip)|cut -d" -f16) 1. it find your public ip via ifconfig.io2. than use this IP to request your timezone via worldtimeapi.org3. and send it to the command timedatectl set-timezone View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by jodumont...