• Programmatic way to find and set your timezone

    $ sudo timedatectl set-timezone $(curl worldtimeapi.org/api/ip/$(curl ifconfig.io/ip)|cut -d" -f16) 1. it find your public ip via ifconfig.io2. than use this IP to request your timezone via worldtimeapi.org3. and send it to the command timedatectl set-timezone View this command to comment, vote or add to favourites View all commands by jodumont...

  • ReactOS inches toward becoming a viable open source Windows clone

    ReactOS is an open source operating system designed to let you run Windows applications without installing, you know… Windows. It’s been in development for more than two decades, and it’s still pretty rough around the edges — there’s a lot of Windows software that doesn’t run on ReactOS, and the...


    The internet runs on protocols. Rules and norm defined so that there is some form of standardization. One such protocol is the HyperText Transfer Protocol(HTTP). Article Source.