• 10 Truly Amusing Easter Eggs in Linux

    Some truly amusing Easter Eggs have been created for our beloved operating system over the years. Here are some of my personal favorites -- with how to achieve them.</p> Read more @ Linux.com after the jump. http://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/820944-10-truly-amusing-linux-easter-eggs-/

  • [Scripts for Lazy People] ssh-copy-id {id} {host}

    Ok I'll admit it... I can be a bit lazy. If I could script doing the dishes I would. I think it would look a bit like this: while read SINK ; do clean ${SINK} dry ${SINK} mv ${SINK} /usr/share/cabnet/ echo "Item ${SINK} has been cleaned" done But unfortunately this...

  • Hardening Ubuntu Security

    Mind your ports, patch your shit, and your browser is scary... Ubuntu security isn't difficult: Hardening your Ubuntu installation is usually a straight forward process. Yet sometimes in our haste, we forget to address important security measures early on. In this article I'll share my essential Ubuntu security hardening techniques....