• Command fu: a function to find the fastest free DNS server

    timeDNS() { parallel -j0 --tag dig @{} "$*" ::: | grep Query | sort -nk5; } http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/14188/a-function-to-find-the-fastest-free-dns-server

  • Runs Linux: Scientists Use Ubuntu to Interpret Hubble Telescope Data - Softpedia

    A new documentary about the Hubble space telescope was just released on Nova, and a Reddit user pointed out that one of the scientists was using Linux to manage the data provided by the telescope. Read more at Softpedia: http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/Scientists-Use-Ubuntu-to-Interpret-Hubble-Telescope-Data-479321.shtml

  • Security Audit Of TrueCrypt Doesn't Find Any Backdoors -- But What Will Happen To TrueCrypt?

    The TL;DR is that based on this audit, Truecrypt appears to be a relatively well-designed piece of crypto software. The NCC audit found no evidence of deliberate backdoors, or any severe design flaws that will make the software insecure in most instances.</p> That doesn't mean Truecrypt is perfect. The auditors...