• Solving the Year 2038 problem in the Linux kernel

    Because of the way time is represented in Linux, a signed 32-bit number can’t support times beyond January 19, 2038 after 3:14:07 UTC. This Year 2038 (Y2038 or Y2K38) problem is about the time data type representation. The solution is to use 64-bit timestamps.read more Article Source.

  • Protect Your Websites with Let's Encrypt

    Title:  Protect Your Websites with Let's Encrypt 17 Jan [Learn more](https://app.slashetc.us/learn/intro-to-linux/2018/3/protect-your-websites-lets-encrypt) [Article Source](https://www.linux.com/learn/intro-to-linux/2018/3/protect-your-websites-lets-encrypt). {: .center-text}

  • (Don't) Return to Sender: How to Protect Yourself From Email Tracking

    There are a lot of different ways to track email, and different techniques can lie anywhere on the spectrum from marginally acceptable to atrocious. Responsible tracking should aggregate a minimal amount of anonymous data, similar to page hits: enough to let the sender get a sense of how well their campaign is...