About Michael

Hello World! Welcome to my little slice of the web.

My name is Michael J. Ford, and this is my personal blog /etc (pronounced “slash” “et-see”). I am a Linux Systems Engineer, Cyber Security professional, and Linux/FLOSS Advocate, currently working in Defense.

Here I post original articles and how-to’s around Linux and Cyber Security. I’ve been building my own PC’s since I was 10, and managing my own infrastructure since I was 15 (more on that later). I love my wife, my cat, whisky, the outdoors, and bash terminals.

My infrastructure is, well, overkill - to say the least. For example, this website was recently converted to Jekyll from Wordpress. I’ve gone from browser only management to mostly terminal management using git and GitLab, complete with a development pipeline and internal build/test systems - all running on Linux. The rest is just as much overkill, I’ll have a page at some point outlining my home network and infrastructure in all it’s blinkin lights glory.

I hope you all enjoy what I have to share, and maybe learn a bit from it.

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