Official Reddit app for Android is finally here, ready for public download

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We have no idea why it took Reddit this long to release a mobile app for Android but it's finally and officially here. The Reddit app was made ready for testing since December 2015 but it was only earlier in January that the Reddit team released the app for private beta testers. It was not a public launch but after over two months, it's now ready for every avid Redditor in the Android community.

The Reddit app is an in-house designed, developed, and built Android mobile app. Redditors will love that this one is fast and reliable for those who want to stay updated with news, information, and entertainment relevant to them. This is THE Reddit app to download that will hopefully give you peace of mind. You see, there have been numerous Reddit apps released but all of them are fan-made--developed by genius devs who couldn't wait for the official application. Most of them are readers like the Alien Companion, Slide for Reddit, and r-Slash. There's also the Relay for Reddit and 'Now for Reddit'. Even if Reddit unleashed the official app, we don't think people will stop developing related apps.

Official Reddit app for android

Before the official app was released by Reddit, the website made some slight changes to the licensing policy. The Reddit team said the third-party developers should use "for Reddit" in the title of any app they would be listing on the Play Store. Reddit warned that developers must not use the term "Reddit" alone, without the word "for". That is why all Reddit apps we've seen the past year are named "_____for Reddit". Perhaps, Reddit was preparing the community for the official app still being developed then.

We knew Reddit would be working on an Android app as early as 2014, thanks to a company job listing sighted. More than a year later, it's here, bearing a simple name--Reddit.


The Reddit Android app aims to provide hundreds of millions of redditors a richer mobile browsing experience. It's the first app rolled out by Reddit since the Reddit Ask Me Anything app was released in 2014.

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SOURCE: Reddit