New Hosting Provider


Hello all, I now wish to share with you a great announcement. I am now hosting at DigitalOcean!!! Reason being is fast Tier 1 bandwidth, 1TB of transfer per node.... and the folks at Jupiter Broadcasting love it, and now I do to. They have a fantastic API which I have a few ideas kicking around to play with (don't expect anything soon though :). Also with cheaper plans I can now split my old box at Linode to several droplets at Digital Ocean, now with a separate IP for each site.. thus SSL. My site can now be "securely" browsed at https://www.slashetc.us. I say secure in quotes because it's a self signed SSL Cert, as I cannot afford a real Cert (read: I'm cheap lolz) to secure the site. It's mainly just for me to admin the site no longer in the clear, but ya'll can browse the site as well if you wish, just need to accept my Cert as valid.

That's all for now. Happy Linuxing!!

Get your first Droplet here: https://www.digitalocean.com/

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