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Raspberry Pi Scanner Server

It’s come time that we (my fiancĂ© and I) required the use of a color printer. My B/W Laser wasn’t going to cut it this year for her class room printings. So we went out an picked up an Epson

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Woman dumps rare Apple I worth $200,000 at recycling center

Yea Apple isn’t open source or open hardware. However this piece of tech history would defiantly put my Intel 386 Tandy to shame… A Bay Area recycling center is attempting to track down an unidentified woman who dropped off a

Security Audit Of TrueCrypt Doesn’t Find Any Backdoors — But What Will Happen To TrueCrypt?

The TL;DR is that based on this audit, Truecrypt appears to be a relatively well-designed piece of crypto software. The NCC audit found no evidence of deliberate backdoors, or any severe design flaws that will make the software insecure in


If you haven’t noticed over the last 24 hours, SSL has been enabled and enforced throughout the entire site. So I decided to do a little write up on how I went about creating and installing the certificate. What I

10 Truly Amusing Easter Eggs in Linux

Some truly amusing Easter Eggs have been created for our beloved operating system over the years. Here are some of my personal favorites — with how to achieve them. Read more @ after the jump.

Completey Remove Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One was a sync service a-la Dropbox. It work exactly the same. Files live in your home directory, and were synced across multiple Ubuntu PCs. Canonical recently (April) put a axe in the project and called it quits for

Hello world!

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