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Raspberry Pi Scanner Server

It’s come time that we (my fiancé and I) required the use of a color printer. My B/W Laser wasn’t going to cut it this year for her class room printings. So we went out an picked up an Epson

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If you haven’t noticed over the last 24 hours, SSL has been enabled and enforced throughout the entire site. So I decided to do a little write up on how I went about creating and installing the certificate. What I

Hardening Ubuntu Security

Mind your ports, patch your shit, and your browser is scary… Ubuntu security isn’t difficult: Hardening your Ubuntu installation is usually a straight forward process. Yet sometimes in our haste, we forget to address important security measures early on. In

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Bash tip: Extracting content from compressed files without the hassle

If you work with file archives that come in many different “flavors”, you might find this little trick to be a handy one. Add a function to your .bash_profile that runs the proper extraction command based on the file’s extension(s).

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Update Ubuntu Precise to 12.04.5 with Trusty HWE

Approximately two weeks ago I was met with the following message on one of my servers terminal after an upgrade and had no clue what to do: DISLCAMER: All normal warnings apply here. These commands and how tos are for

Linux Kernel Spring Cleaning

So I’ve gone ahead and finished up my nice little 7 line script to clean out old kernel versions on your Linux desktop/laptop/workstation/server what have you. What this script does is finds and lists in a temp file all installed

The New Linode Cloud: SSDs, Double RAM & much more

Over the last year, and very feverishly over the past five months, we’ve been working on a really big project: a revamp of the Linode plans and our hardware and network – something we have a long history of doing

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