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Raspberry Pi Scanner Server

It’s come time that we (my fiancé and I) required the use of a color printer. My B/W Laser wasn’t going to cut it this year for her class room printings. So we went out an picked up an Epson

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More Internet Privacy with OpenNIC – An Alternative Root DNS Provider

With the recent and ongoing Edward Snowden revelations however, plus the growing trend in many countries of blocking or censoring certain websites (most notably those accused of copyright infringement), it is becoming increasingly clear that anyone who values privacy on

New Hosting Provider

Hello all, I now wish to share with you a great announcement. I am now hosting at DigitalOcean!!! Reason being is fast Tier 1 bandwidth, 1TB of transfer per node…. and the folks at Jupiter Broadcasting love it, and now

Getting PFSense Loaded to Watchguard Firebox x-CORE-e UTM (Part 2 – LCD)

But That’s Not All!!! Hello all and welcome to part 2 of getting PFSense on the WatchGuard Firebox x-core UTM. In Part 1 we hacked our way into the bios of the Firebox changed the bios settings and booted our

Getting PFSense Loaded to Watchguard Firebox x-CORE-e UTM (Part 1)

Basic Overview: The Installation of PFSense is fairly straight forward. Really, all that needs to be done is using a 512MB CF Card (as of v2.1.1 is the min size) we can flash PFSense 512MB embedded image to the card

I Void Warranties

With the Linux Tutorials on hold, not enough time currently for editing (current PC takes forever rendering)….. here is a taste of what I am currently working on…. .      Stay tuned for more…. and happy hacking 🙂