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Yubikey Full Disk Encryption with LUKS

So I finally got my self a yubikey, and what was the first thing I tried with it – luks full disk encryption. Yea.. better said than done. After a bit of research (read: failed attempts) I found this repo

Hardening Ubuntu Security

Mind your ports, patch your shit, and your browser is scary… Ubuntu security isn’t difficult: Hardening your Ubuntu installation is usually a straight forward process. Yet sometimes in our haste, we forget to address important security measures early on. In

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Bash tip: Extracting content from compressed files without the hassle

If you work with file archives that come in many different “flavors”, you might find this little trick to be a handy one. Add a function to your .bash_profile that runs the proper extraction command based on the file’s extension(s).

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More Internet Privacy with OpenNIC – An Alternative Root DNS Provider

With the recent and ongoing Edward Snowden revelations however, plus the growing trend in many countries of blocking or censoring certain websites (most notably those accused of copyright infringement), it is becoming increasingly clear that anyone who values privacy on

New Hosting Provider

Hello all, I now wish to share with you a great announcement. I am now hosting at DigitalOcean!!! Reason being is fast Tier 1 bandwidth, 1TB of transfer per node…. and the folks at Jupiter Broadcasting love it, and now

Logitech G510s Keyboard and Gnome15 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Hello and once again I’ve gots another how to for you all. This one is going to be a little be targeted as it is for getting the Logitech G510s keyboard working with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It’s been a long

How Linux is Built

Browsing on YouTube tonight I found this cool video by the Linux Foundation on how Linux is built. It’s a bit of an ad, but still very educational. The video is a great 3 min intro what Linux is and