Month: January 2017

I’m Loyal to Nothing Except the Dream

There is much I take for granted in my life, and the normal functioning of American government is …

One More Time With Feeling: ‘Anonymized’ User Data Not Really Anonymous

As companies and governments increasingly hoover up our personal data, a common refrain to keep p…

Keep your texts private in Trump’s America (and everywhere else, too)

So, here we are: With a new president come new concerns over surveillance powers that could so for…

Delete all but the last 1000 lines of file

$ ex -c ‘1,$-1000d’ -c ‘wq’ file

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[one-liners] Find Reverse Depends of a Package

Sometimes you have a package installed and you want to know what other packages depend on it (such as a lib package). This one-liner only works on Debian/Ubuntu (apt/dpkg) based systems, but I’m sure a simmilar method works for rpm

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How To Install KDE Connect on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Updated)

Using KDE Connect on Ubuntu you can send files from your phone to your Ubuntu PC, see Android noti…