Month: April 2015

I Just Installed Windows Mint…. Wait What?!

My Sunday afternoon was spent installing Windows… wait… Linux… oh I don’t know at this point. It’s stable as hell but looks like most peoples desktop. I’ll call this mashup: Windows Mint. OK, you caught me. I did not install

Command fu: a function to find the fastest free DNS server

timeDNS() { parallel -j0 –tag dig @{} “$*” ::: | grep Query | sort -nk5; }

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Runs Linux: Scientists Use Ubuntu to Interpret Hubble Telescope Data – Softpedia

A new documentary about the Hubble space telescope was just released on Nova, and a Reddit user pointed out that one of the scientists was using Linux to manage the data provided by the telescope. Read more at Softpedia:

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Security Audit Of TrueCrypt Doesn’t Find Any Backdoors — But What Will Happen To TrueCrypt?

The TL;DR is that based on this audit, Truecrypt appears to be a relatively well-designed piece of crypto software. The NCC audit found no evidence of deliberate backdoors, or any severe design flaws that will make the software insecure in


If you haven’t noticed over the last 24 hours, SSL has been enabled and enforced throughout the entire site. So I decided to do a little write up on how I went about creating and installing the certificate. What I

Install and Run Android Apps on Linux

Now if only we had this support in Ubuntu touch… That would be the life… Basically, anyone with a computer will be able to get an APK file and get it running inside the Google Chrome browser with a minimum

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10 Truly Amusing Easter Eggs in Linux

Some truly amusing Easter Eggs have been created for our beloved operating system over the years. Here are some of my personal favorites — with how to achieve them. Read more @ after the jump.

[Scripts for Lazy People] ssh-copy-id {id} {host}

Ok I’ll admit it… I can be a bit lazy. If I could script doing the dishes I would. I think it would look a bit like this: But unfortunately this is not the case. However what I can do

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Is now Dynamic, enter a number to choost an RSA ID

Is now Dynamic, enter a number to choost an RSA ID